A note from Shelley,

At Eve-n-Andy, we love gifting and helping people to connect.

How it Started

It all began back when my oldest son was born. I became a stay at home mom and found myself extremely bored. My son happened to be an excellent sleeper and this allowed for long periods of ... nothingness. My husband told me to learn Adobe Illustrator. I took it as a challenge and ran away with it. I started creating & my husband said it was good (but he has to say that). I took a chance and posted some designs on Etsy. People actually brought my stuff. That print (My daddy love me..) was the first thing to sell to a guy in Singapore. The business started soon after that. (Eve-n-Andy is a play on my grandparents names, Evelyn & Andrew).

The initial goal of my company was to create beautiful stationery and invitations with a classically modern twist. That included dabbling in stationery and paper goods, bridal and wedding goods, and children prints.

How It's Going

Eve-n-Andy still loves creating and sending beautiful products that will be meaningful to the recipient.  We now have included signature curated boxes that are meant to help remind the receiver to celebrate wins and life events and even to just relax.

We want you to send items that will create a magical moment.

We hope you enjoy our products and curated boxes as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us at designs@evenandy.com.

Fast Shipping

All orders are shipped via First Class USPS mail.

Quality Products

All of the items in our curated boxes are of luxe quality. They are all well-made and beautiful.

Thoughtful Gifts

Our custom gifts are meant to delivery thoughtful gifts to your friends or family trying to move to the next level in their business.

Online Support

We ensure the product quality that you can trust easily