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Morning Motivation: Awesome

awesome evenandy inspiration inspirational quote mood morning motivation

I start my day with gratitude. I end with my day with reflection. I reflect on the best thing that happened in the day.

So today, I am making the day so awesome that yesterday will definitely get jealous.

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New Year, New Me

card printable evenandy free card printable inspiration inspirational quote mood new year new me

Happy 2016!
This year is so full of endless possibilities and opportunities. This is a great year to create a new and exciting chapter in your life. 2016 contains no limits. So, make this the year that you go for it and that you do great things.

As a 'Thank You', I am giving away a free card printable. I hope that you print it and send it to a friend or loved one. In it, I want you to write down that one thing that you want to accomplish this year. If you write it down, you are more likely to get it done.

I plan on creating printables every month and would love to deliver them to your online mailbox. By subscribing to my newsletter, you will be the first to receive the free downloads. Click the picture or here to get your download.

Here's to a great start!

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Mood: Movement

evenandy inspiration inspirational quote mood morning motivation

My current mood revolves around making it happen and getting it done. I hope the quotes motivate and inspire you to move.

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Morning Motivation: Be Amazing

amazing evenandy inspirational quote morning motivation

I think that normal is overrated. Do you agree?

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Be Happy

eco friendly notes evenandy inspiration inspirational quote morning motivation

Today is a beautiful and sunny day! It is a great day to be just be!

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