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DIY: Eco-Friendly Gift Boxes

diy do it yourself ecofriendly gift boxes ecofriendly gift wrap ecofriendly wrapping evenandy

How many toilet paper rolls do you go through in a week or in a month? Guess what, now you have a new creative way to use them (& just in time for the holidays

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DIY: Eco-Friendly Gift Bows Made From Recycled Magazines

diy do it yourself eco friendly bows ecofriendly wrapping evenandy tutorial

The holiday season is steadily approaching. I found this cute tutorial for making awesome eco-friendly bows that would add a great touch to any gift. The best...

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DIY: Monster Patches

diy do it yourself evenandy kids do it yourself mend holey jeans monster patches teens and tweens

Want to mend your kids or tweens  holey jeans and turn them into something really cute? Click for the tutorial.

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DIY: Pretty Paper Bag Wreaths

autumn decor diy do it yourself fall decor paper wreaths tutorial

As much as I miss summer, the reality is that fall is here and in full swing. Here is a great tutorial for adding to your autumn decor with a beautiful wreath.

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DIY: Handmade Paper from Recycled Materials

diy do it yourself eco friendly notes evenandy handmade paper tutorial

Do you have old receipts, magazines, junk mail, or copy paper? Do you want to turn all of those things into something new and beautiful.

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